​ John Panepinto, PsyD, LPCS, NCC


Dr. Panepinto has over 20 years  experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Counseling, and has worked in clinical, educational, and private settings. Starting at as a counselor at North Carolina State University in 1995, Dr. Panepinto has worked in elementary, middle, and high school settings and currently serves as a Teacher/Parent Consultant for early childhood programs. He served on a school-based mental health team which included emergency services assessment. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Panepinto provides clinical services for Carolina Developmental Pediatrics in Apex, NC, as well as clinical supervision for practitioners pursuing licensure. 

A former elite competitor with a specialty in Sports Psychology, Dr. Panepinto has worked with athletes in several sports to help raise performance, achieve goals, and increase confidence. In addition, he is a certified "Professional" by the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and has written articles on psychology and development for the PTR Journal.

These experiences along with raising two children have helped him to frame healthy development and well-being in a long-term perspective and informs his current practice of helping others.

Dr. Panepinto authors the blog, A Father's Path.  Visit the blog at:


Dr. Panepinto has authored articles and books on development, fatherhood, resilience, and sports psychology. In addition, he authors, presents workshops and has been a keynote speaker on development, self-regulation, parenting, father involvement, the unique needs and attributes of boys, and resiliency.


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Up Follows Down: Resilience in Everyday Living

Above the Field of Play: A Developmental Approach to the Psychology of Sports and Performance

Above the Court: A Mental Mastery Framework for Next Level Tennis

The ARC of a Meaningful Life: Developing a Life of Purpose, Fulfillment and Integrity,  

The Arc of Peak Performance: A Developmental Approach to the Psychology of Sports and Competition

Articles published in the Professional Newsletter at PsychCentral:

Supporting the Emotional Life of Boys: Changing the Playbook at the Heart  (Panepinto, J, 2018)

Our Four Fathers: Considering Development in the Helping Process  (Panepinto, J, 2018)

Vertical Development: 5 Ways for Practitioners to Grow Personally and Professionally  (Panepinto, J, 2018) Also Published in the New England Psychologist

The Developing Self: Joy and Grief in Ego Evolution  (Panepinto, J, 2018).

For Better or Worse: Looking at Intimate Relationships through a Developmental Lens (Panepinto, J, 2018)

Clinical Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Supervisor

Licensed Professional Counselor