​ John Panepinto, PsyD, LPCS, NCC

Providing Counseling, Clinical Supervision, Consultation, Educational Services.

What's New?

- New blog posts on A Father's Path

- Articles published at PsychCentral Professional and World of Psychology:  

           Three Parenting Skills to Help Children Develop Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

           Supporting the Emotional Life of Boys: Changing the Playbook at the Heart

           Five Ways Fathers Can Develop Authentically Beyond the Workplace

           Beneath the Surface of Helicopter Parenting (Panepinto, J, 2018).
           Getting Beyond "Getting Over It": Supporting the Emotional Development of Boys (Panepinto, J, 2018)

- Article published May 10, 2018 inThe New England Psychologist

- Sports Psychology Workbooks on Peak Performance and Tennis now available at Amazon.com.

- Above the Field of Play  Sports Psychology Workbook now available! 

Clinical Supervision

  • Practitioners seeking licensure. In office or virtual option using Skype.

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  • Counseling
  • ​Therapy
  • Consultation
  • Personal Coaching
  • Sports Psychology
  • Optimal Performance

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Educational services:

  • Books
  • ​Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Speaking
  • ​Articles
  • Courses

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