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Father involvement, A Father's Path

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Up Follows Down: 

Resilience in Everyday Living

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About the Book
Resilience is a quality that influences our well-being from the personal to the financial, and this capacity is fundamental to all the roles we are responsible for in life. Resilient individuals have developed an ability to handle, overcome, and rebound following adverse situations. But there is something more to this process which is explored for the first time in this book. 

Up Follows Down: Resilience in Everyday Living provides a framework to develop resilience in the common experiences we have each day. In addition, Up Follows Down offers a new way to consider resilience, one that includes the capacity for continuous growth and development. With up-to-date information and practical strategies, this book will help readers to develop the fundamental building blocks of the character and qualities of resilient individuals. Up Follows Down also offers pathways of development as resilient individuals move firmly forward with purpose and direction.


​ John Panepinto, PsyD, LCMHCS, NCC

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